Hulhumalé for

Welcome to Hulhumalé

Designed to be a city of days out; we encourage responsible travel experiences promising minimal impact to our environment. While venturing into a life that presents an urbanistic and island vibe, our visitors enjoy;

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Sports
  • Snorkeling/Watersports/Diving
  • Shopping & Dining
  • Local Market
  • Safaris/Liveaboards
Hulhumalé for Residents
Hulhumalé for Residents
Hulhumalé for Residents

Where to stay

Choose from over 100+ boutique hotels for your stay! You can book rooms at most of these hotels online for the best rates, search up hotels in Hulhumalé & visit to see the biggest island city of the Maldives.


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